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Joel Salatin on Saturday Morning with Kim Hill

One of my heroes is a self-described Christian conservative libertarian environmentalist lunatic farmer. Go figure. Meet Joel Salatin, who gives me hope for a future of farming that feeds the world, has high animal welfare values and actually builds up the land it is run on. It's a long interview but well worth taking the time to listen to.…

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Truck Farm!

I love this: brilliant, imaginative, inspiring - and

Meet Truck Farm. (Click on "Film" link at bottom of page.)

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Hi, my name is Jo and I have a tomato problem... or did.

I do believe I've finally solved the tomato sauce problem. Not that I think I've ever mentioned I had a tomato sauce problem but, you know, people tend to be secretive about these things.

In the past whenever I've made tomato sauces, purées or concentrates to bottle or freeze they always end up with a bitter after-taste. Sometimes it's strong, sometimes it's barely noticeable, but it's always there. Last

night I finally managed to make one that was sweet and flavourful, without… Continue

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After Summer, the Fall

The garden is becoming wild, with yellows, greys and browns emerging

from amongst the green that was once so dense. The sparser cover serves

to help ripen the pumpkins before frosts set in.

My remaining first plantings of carrots are becoming more and more riddled with the

little brown tunnels of carrot-fly larvae. My parsnips, planted a little

earlier, are developing rust spots.

I'm not worried, though. They've been in the ground a long time - if I'd had… Continue

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Cabbages and kings

I’ve been trying to work on having food available for beneficial

insects this season. I usually have a good patch of borage, but this

year I’ve been firmly stepping on my tidy-freak instincts and leaving

things like old celery and fennel to go to seed, as their umbrella-type

flowers are the perfect landing pads for parasitic wasps. It may be my

imagination, but I think I’ve had less of a problem with the aphids

they feed on this summer. I only had one real case of… Continue

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Empty nest symdrome... :-(

This week we made the decision to re-home the chooks. I'm very sad, but the poor sleep resulting from worrying about waking up in time to distract them from their morning squawking finally became too much! (Especially since, if they kept getting earlier at the same rate with the light, they'd be starting at 5.30 by midsummer!) To add insult to injury Queenie actually started CROWING at various intervals throughout the morning. Living up to her name and becoming a transgendered chook? ;-)… Continue

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New Spring

I love this time of year, getting the garden going again after a winter of brassicas and leeks. :-) Today I tamed the berry beds, tying back the gooseberry and red and white currants against the garage wall in fans. The black currants and cranberries are remaining free-standing bushes. The strawberries needed serious thinning (better late than never!) and I'm hoping my orangeberry will take off this year.

On the weekend I got a couple of buckets of couch grass runners out of the bean… Continue

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State of the nation... errr... garden

It's glut time on the tomato front! I really need to do a big harvest and preserve of my cherry tomatoes, which are dripping off the bushes. There's been a distinct crisp nip in the air the last few mornings, so their days are definitely numbered. Most of the tomatoes I've been boiling down to sauce and freezing, but these are so pretty in all their different colours that I want to cold-pack them into Agee jars with some of the smaller specimens from my onion harvest and a few cloves of garlic.… Continue

Added by Jo Drysdall on March 28, 2009 at 8:53am — 1 Comment

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