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autumn's abundance

the American tradition of thanksgiving and English harvest festivals all makes sense when I reflect on the past few weeks. Been given apples, pears, plums, quinces, free range eggs, harvesting my saffron and not even begun to prepare my garlic for sharing and planting, been so busy making jam, jellies, quince paste, bottling apples and blackboy peaches. Not that I'm complaining, it's how I unwind. timed myself and it takes 17 minutes to pluck the stigmas from 63 flowers. Bumped into Matt who… Continue

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election day activities

voted early last week so spent the morning gardening:)

the forecasted bad weather never eventuated and enjoyed a glorious sunny day. planted pip grown blackboy peach and apricot trees at home, dug out couch from saffron bed and buried Bokashi bucket contents & coffee grinds into one of the fallow beds earmarked for potatoes at the community garden.

transplanted self sown perpetual spinach, ragged jack kale and chamomile - all originally grown from seed Kali shared with… Continue

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garlic experiment

I have unintentionally set out to test the effect of transplanting garlic.

We are about to build a new home and although the builders have given us a deadline of December to be in our new home, the slab's not even been laid yet so figured it would be safe to plant some garlic in the vege plot at our rental property.

My plots at the community garden had been sorely neglected and the couch grass had reclaimed them. Had been digging but didn't have nearly enough done to plant as…


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I love my puppy but....

our new dog has been renamed Dillon the destroyer. We have moved into a rental property with a lovely big vege patch already dug over and ready to plant up. Have put a fence around it to protect my precious seedlings but foolishly left several pots out the back along the side of the house which proved irresistable to our year old pup.

First he attacked the aloe vera and then took exception to both my chili plants which were both laden with fruit. He paid dearly for - his stomach was… Continue

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autumn's abundance

I love this time of year... my preserving pans don't get much of a rest, the stock pot has quinces and crab apples simmering away, destined to be made into jelly, peeled and halved quinces baking in the oven.

Am not sure where the crab apples came from, they turned up at the office while I was out and didn't leave their name - hopefully, the donor will call me soon. This batch of quinces were originally gifted to a friend who's moving house so too busy to preserve them so has given… Continue

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spotted first of the self sown snow peas today

why is it that none of the snow peas that I carefully sowed in pots or direct into the raised beds managed to germinate and yet the plants that I pulled up and tossed onto the pile of debris, ash from the woodburner and weeds etc are racing away. Won't complain, they're obviously hardy and worth saving seeds from for next year because they survived snow and frost and total lack of attention!

The chili plant's also romping away, no need to worry about it not getting pollinated indoors, a… Continue

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worms are settled now

so have turned my attention to the kitchen - weighed dried fruit for christmas cakes, all into a ziplock bag along with a generous slug of grand marnier and a jar of marmalade and into the fridge to macerate for a few days.

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remade the worms' bed

ok, it's got nothing to do with the order of the trays, they just don't like their new home. Not taking it personally though, this is supposedly a common occurrence. Have lined the spare bin with wet cardboard, straw and yummy damp semi decomposed leaves, a tiny bit of garden soil and transferred my worms back into their new home. Topped with a sprinkling of chopped greens and banana skin, damp shredded newspaper and dry straw, they don't like the dry straw apparently. Also took them out of the… Continue

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the worms have made a run for it...

the worm farm arrived this evening and wasn't paying as much attention as I should have been when Mick explained about how to assemble the trays.

Consequently, reassembled them incorrectly after I'd removed them to feed the worms. Luckily, had a banana as a late night snack and dutifully chopped up the peel for my new babies. Ungrateful little beggars had wormed out of their box through big holes of the tray that should have been at the top, not immediately above… Continue

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