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Six Figure Farming NZ Tour - a huge success

Over 260 people came to one of the 10 Ooooby sponsored workshops on the Six Figure Farming NZ Tour, to hear what Jean-Martin Fortier and Curtis Stone had to share about their years of building small scale profitable urban farms on 1.5 and 1/3 acre peri-urban and urban farms.…


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Visiting Canadian Urban Farmers

Learn the inner workings of small-plot growing and discover how urban micro-farming can be a profitable enterprise while regenerating the land and your local food system. Jean-Martin Fortier and Curtis Stone will share the design and workings of their individual enterprises – both the production and the business – with insights and knowledge that has been hard won, but ready for you to take and implement. Details of what you can expect at these workshops, can be found at…


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Food Forest Design Course as part of the sea change

Enormous opportunities are opening up as we move from an unsustainable industrial food production and distribution model, to one that regenerates the very soil and land that supports life.

Thankfully and not before time, this topic is receiving increasing amounts of attention.

A rising chorus is now coming from UN agencies on how food security, poverty, gender…


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Building community like a forest

The first New Zealand Food Forest Hui, held in Auckland last week was a high energy and over-subscribed event (we had sold out and had people in a waiting list). Here are some of the highlights and outcomes. If you missed it, stay in touch, there’s sure to be another!…


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Building Community Food Forests

Start a food forest with a coffee and a croissant. For only $8 you could help build the foundation of Auckland's first Community Food Forest on public land.

'Food Forest Andy' has the skills and know how to establish a high yield forests to provide fresh, nutritious food for generations to come. So with your contribution of as little as $8 (or as much as you…


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The Urban Farming Guys take on the worst

This story, is outstanding for a number of reasons. The courage of the people involved, the seriousness with which they are taking on the task, the knowledge they are finding and bringing to the projects, and the achievements they appear to be making, to name a few.


We are the urban experiment… We are the seed that died and went into the ground.  We…


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Produce From the Roof to the Supermarket

         The Story Of Lettuce from BrightFarms on Vimeo.


Growing produce on…


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A small chicken dome

Seen at the Waiheke buyers club this morning.…


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Ooooby needs a play space

The Ooooby team keeps growing as the idea becomes ever more attractive. Imagine, “local food everywhere”, through a transformation of…


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Little house on the parkway

Meet a family who achieved what most people would think impossible in a big city. On less than 4,000 square feet of land in the heart of Pasadena, California, the Dervaes family gets all the food they need from their own backyard. This family of farmers grows 400 varieties of vegetables, fruits, greens and edible flowers and also raises their own livestock. …


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Big-City Bees Healthier, More Productive

While their country cousins' populations…


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A new SPIN on "Farming"

SPIN (Small Plot INtensive) Farming was a phrase I only recently came across, and here is a definition that seems to sum it up: "SPIN-Farming is a non-technical, easy-to-learn and inexpensive-to-implement vegetable farming system that makes it possible to earn significant income from land bases under an acre in size."


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Filling Urban Voids . . . With Farms?

The statement that stood out for me when I watched "The Power of Community" film a few years ago, was that "The best paid people in the country, were the ones who could grow food." The film showed enthusiastic white-collar professionals…

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Urban farms: can you source a complete meal from inside the M25?

From quail in the East End to honey bees in King's Cross, Carole Cadwalladr goes in search of all the ingredients for a meal sourced as close as possible to her London home.

There are some places you just don't expect to find a pig, and although I haven't thought extensively before about all the very many different places where I wouldn't expect to find one, if I had, an executive housing estate in Romford would probably figure quite highly.

It's dark when I… Continue

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Mid winter - a new beginning


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On the rise

I'd say that was a pretty clear trend - local food is on th rise.

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Ashland Food Coop, and social responsibility


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Rebuilding local processing and distribution systems

If we could increase our local food purchases, particularly organic food, this would not only have profound benefits on our health and greatly reduce our contribution to global warming, but would also greatly…


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Reuse this to grow crops

I have long been bemused by our fecal phobia and seeing this gives me hope, that we in the civilised and industrialised West, might get with the programme and do as many others in the world do, and find creative (yes and safe and sanitary) ways to close the nutrient cycle and stop polutting our waters with nutrients that don't belong there.…


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GROFUN community growing project

Growing your own veggies is great. But the process can be intimidating and time consuming. That's why it's so important to help newbies learn new skills and meet like-minded, experienced gardeners. Whether it's…


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