The past couple of days, though not productive IN the garden, due to rain and cold weather, have been very productive in acquiring accessories to and for the garden. I have purchased, for $1 each, a couple of white hand basins, complete with taps and they're going to look great, planted up and placed in the garden. I will do the same with a stainless steel laundry sink, when it arrives...that will be either for/to contain my angelica...or for watercress, I haven't decided yet. And again, tonight, I have taken delivery of a very large wooden framed window, which I also purchased for $1. It has two windows, both of which open, and the frame is deep and sturdy. This will become my winter cold frame/sun box, where, hopefully, I can grow some crops. It is a perfect size to fit over the dimensions of my raised vegetable garden bed. In early spring, the cold frame will be useful for hardening off seedlings of spring/summer vegetable plants that are started indoors.

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Comment by Lynn on December 5, 2009 at 5:37pm
Trademe, Yvonne. I admit I was very lucky with the windows...most of them start at around $25.00, but they are there if you look every couple of days. I have been keeping an eye out for several weeks, cos I have limited funds for things like that, and I was stoked to get that one for $1. However, even at $25.00 some of them are worth it. I personally wouldn't pay any more though. Try searching glass doors, shower doors, window frames. And in the interest of having it local, make sure you search only in Hawkes Bay....easier for pickup. It's interesting to watch some of the items.
Comment by Yvonne Nikolaison on December 5, 2009 at 5:01pm
Gosh Lynn you have been busy. Where have you managed to locate all these things? I have been looking for a frame to make a cold frame and can't find anything unless I want to spend at least $150.00. I guess I am looking in the wrong places.


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