I've been having some success with this one. Its not perfect but it does a pretty good job so far this year.

In a 5 litre sprayer add:

Half a cup of milk for the mildews
A tablespoonful of baking powder dissolved in a cup of warm water as backup
I cup of wormwood tea to repel boarders
15 ml of Neem oil emulsified in half a cup of warm water to ward off those that are not repelled
a splosh of Canola oil also emulsified to help it all stick to the plant and to repel water.
Fill with diluted comfrey tea as a foliar feed.

Spray heavily on the undersides of everything in sight, especially tomatoes, cucurbits and brassicas, then lightly over the tops of the leaves.

Concentrating on the undersides not only gets at the moulds and critters that live there, it even helps wash off the aphids and other bugs at the same time and keeps the water out of the sun, avoiding leaf burn.

I use a solo sprayer with a wand that has a kink at the end that helps to direct the spray upwards. Do it every second day or so depending on the weather.

As I say, its not perfect, my zucchini and pumpkins got powdery mildew anyway when I had to miss a couple of days during light rain and high humidity, but I can't complain about the crop so if its working, its worth it.

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Comment by Earl Mardle on February 4, 2010 at 9:45pm
Hi Bridge.

I cut a good handful of fronds and cook them in my cauldron (never to be used again for food - I also use it for rhubarb leaf tea) and simmer for about an hour to get all the goodies out.

I strew the leaves on the garden to deter other pests like mice from snipping seedlings.

The tea is quite brown in concentrate and has a sharp but not unpleasant small. But it tasets like crap, apparently to pretty much any living thing.

BTW, grow the Wormwood away from other plants, especially those that need insect pollination, it gives off a pretty pungent scent, especially on a hot day. When I first planted mine I was working around it on a warm day and inhaled the fumes; pretty much an instant headache.

Great stuff. I'm looking forward to its other uses, although not the absinthe kind.

If you can get some more info from the winery about how they use it, post it here, I'd love to learn more.
Comment by Bridge Scully on February 4, 2010 at 8:54pm
Cheers for posting this Earl. I managed to get hold of some wormwood today which is great. I got it from an organic winery in outer Gisborne and they also use it as a persticide. Could you tell me what kind of proportions you use for the wormwood tea? Many thanks.

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