Trying new strawberry varieties this year - the shop bought, but nameless variety that I planted in pots in July are flowering, the ones that I transplanted from my mothers garden have never done that well - they get one mre years grace, then I am tossing them down the bank! And I planted some more today that have been given to me by my friend in the Wairarapa.....pajero's apparently - and they are supposed to be vigorous and prolific - I wait in hope....

The spuds I planted in June are doing great, and so I have planted 6 more - trying staggered plantings to see if I can get a more continuous supply......trying the same with lettuces and brassicas grown from seed....

Will upload photos when I've figured out how!

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Comment by Megan Cook on September 1, 2010 at 10:10pm
We've got strawberries in waiting. Small boy and I are building a brick wall along a garden bed. It's a wobbly line rather than a straight one, but will still work to raise the bed nicely - more a spade's worth. And along the front edge, which gets the most sun, the strawberries in waiting will be planted.


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