I love this time of year... my preserving pans don't get much of a rest, the stock pot has quinces and crab apples simmering away, destined to be made into jelly, peeled and halved quinces baking in the oven.

Am not sure where the crab apples came from, they turned up at the office while I was out and didn't leave their name - hopefully, the donor will call me soon. This batch of quinces were originally gifted to a friend who's moving house so too busy to preserve them so has given them to me and will get some of the finished product in return.

Crab apples are also a second batch, first lot came via the Sallies food bank, the lady who works in the store rescued them from being thrown out - the custodian tried one and decided that they were so small and bitter that no-one would want them!

Took a couple of jars back to the Sallies and dropped a couple more off at Happiness House and went home with more quinces, someone had given them a box full.

back to the preserving.... :)

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