Things happen in 3's. Well, they definitely did at an outdoor wedding weekend in The Marlborough Sounds.

1. In the middle of cousin's wedding vows I feel something on my head, brush it and get stung on the hand by.. well, by something. I shout out something like 'yikes' (but it rhymed with 'truck') which didn't go down too well with some of the audience.

2. Hand quite swollen, lean it on back of chair to show someone and a Weka darts out of the forest above the chair and bites me on the finger. I mean, really bites. Aggro Weka. Sheeesh.

3. Boat drops me at my house about 2am. Step off boat onto jetty. Then step directly off jetty into water that is thick with jellyfish. 80% jelly, 20% water. Swim to shore through jelly in posh new suit and shoes. Cellphone wrecked. Suit torn. Italian shoes, scuffed beyond repair.

All of these things however, gave everyone around me much to laugh about, which is good; no. 3 caused people en masse to fall on beach clutching their guts in delightful agony, howling tears of laughter.

So, I guess it was worth it. But next time someone else can fulfil this role. :-)

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