A rather lengthy garden update because there is so much happening at the moment! We came back from our Melbourne jaunt to find the garden in full production, and a vineyard out of control. M tamed the vineyard over several (very hot) days, while I squeezed minutes (and sometimes even hours) here and there to do all the summer gardening jobs (more mulch, weeding, tying up tomatoes, planting, watering etc etc).

The berry season is in full swing. We are picking 1 - 2 kg a day at the moment. I do love the colours of berries - every time I pick a bowl full I want to take a photo of them. Here's some red raspberries, my favourite I think. I'm just keeping the rust at bay with a weekly baking soda spray. Well that's the theory anyway.

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Comment by Hester on December 26, 2009 at 11:01am
Mmmm-yum. They look lovely.

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