We recently befriended an elderly couple that we met at church, they are moving house and need a hand to move some things and were gifted about 18 cans of old wheat that have been packed with dry ice since 1982, i wasnt exactly sure what i was going to do with it all but it has worked out great as they gave us a big hutch as well. We have been given three cool chickens from a friend out at kaukopakopa, we had been talking about it for a while and everything has fallen into place really well, can't wait to try our first eggs from them. The chicken tractor should work great, as we can move it around when the ground gets a bit messy, we can feed our vege scraps to the birds as well as our pest such as slugs and snails maybe even those shield bugs who knows.
The birds have settled into there new home well we have clipped their wings so that they are easier to catch if they do manage to get out, i think they will make great pets.

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