Yep...exactly that! Clearing more space. Such a small area I have with this wee flat, but most of what was here before needs to go to make way for food...vegetables, fruit, herbs. I won't be touching the larger shrubs/trees, but I have taken out the small ones (and recycled, where possible) and a large conifer will be removed when the vegetables around it are finished...about February. So today I have been clearing more space along the side fence. There's plenty of work to do before it's habitable for herbs and vegetables, and my blackberry, but I shall do a little every day (remembering to take adequate rest periods because of my back) and I have had a lot of help with the worst of it. many ant nests!

I have to now make a list of the fruits I would like to grow, and start obtaining them.

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Comment by Yvonne Nikolaison on December 8, 2009 at 3:27pm
Well Lynn I have been in your position needing my garden space. A little at a time is always the best bet. There is a nursery on Farndon Road that has fruit trees at reasonable prices, but I don't think they have any dwarfs. We got a coupe of dwarfs mid winter from the Garden depot of all places. I am wanting to get a dwarf apple Blush Babe or Bush Babe, can't remember the name exactly, grows full sized apples. Once I started buying friut trees/bushes I couldn't stop. I would come home with something each time I went out, my last purchase was a Raspberry bush. Have fun and good luck.


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