Well I’ve had lots of visitors and family staying at my whare over the xmas holidays and its been great to have my sister and Dad to help me out with the garden. They love it! Everything is growing really well at the moment and we had our first feed of scaloppini’s the other night – delicious!

I couldnt believe it on xmas day. i looked under my bed and Mum and Dad have kindly bought me an awesome new fork for my garden! Its fantastic as because I have only just got into gardening the only accessory I have is a mini trough! Naturally after receiving such an excellent present, on Boxing Day Dad helped me to sort out my compost bins good and proper. We picked up some old rotted horse manure from a good friend of mine and a lovely lasagne-like compy brew should be ready for the garden in a few months or so…..Also finally managed to get the ready compost on to my garden and my veggies are so happy now that they have a bit more cover around their toes.

Another amazing present I received was a dripper hose that lets the water seep out through hundreds of tiny holes. Its fantastic as its so very dry here in Gizzy and it doesnt waste too much water.

I made the executive decision to pull out the two broccolis I have been growing since Oct. There is yet to be any flower head formation and the amount of time I’ve been spending most days pulling all the white butterfly eggs off them just seems too much time and effort for only two broccolis. Every time I see one of those butterflies near my veg I’m out there with my kneeling pad trying to swipe the blighters away. Also because my garden is quite small and limited I thought it would be better to use that space for something else especially as the broccolis seemed to be dominating a key position in the patch.

It’s a nice overcast day here in Gizzy today so perfect for getting things done. Going to plant out some more sweet corn and spring onion seeds and finally hang up my upside down tomatoes – yesssssss cant wait to see how it all goes. Photos to come : )>

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