The garden is doing well despite the lack of attention. Potatoes are flowering but only the last lot that we planted not the earlly ones. Snap peas are flowering, one gerkhins and cucumber plant has survived. The courgettes and sweetcorn have decided to live after our late spring snow fall (November). Tomatoes are starting to flower and the fennel plants are doing well. what I have planted straight into the garden from seed hasn't been as successful.

Due to surgery I am unable to do anything in the garden except water and look, so it's all down to the other half, when I can drag him away from work.

Bumber crop of gooseberries, hoping to make some wine with them.

I have been looking at what we buy and what I can make, getting very disulsioned with food retail. I am currently looking for baking recipes that don't require butter. Once it hits $5.00 a Pound I won't be buying it any more. I have stopped buying sausages, $15.00 for 1kg of pork flavoured, I don't think so. unfortunately we don't have a mincer with us (in a box in Hawkes Bay) and they are expensive to buy, we will just need to make by hand, it's slow but at least we will get a better sausage. I am starting to make soap, hair shampoo, shaving cream. Haven't found a recipe for dishwashing liquid as yet. About to try to make hand lotion and willow baskets.

I make our bread, jams, marmalade, chutney's, cordials, ginger beer, cider, elderflower champs, cleaning products, sausages, Cheese in the summer, ricotta, mascarpone all year round, pizza and pizza sauce, ice cream, carpet freshener, there is probably more but can't think of what else. I have managed to fit it into our everyday life, so being a busy student, I am still able to do it all, with some help,of course. I look forward to being able to add to this list in 2013 .

A house cow, chickens, a bee hive or two are on the list for when I finish at Uni. Well the cow may have to wait a bit longer.

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