I've finished digging up a considerable part of my front lawn to start growing more winter vege's. I really hope that I can just keep with the inevitable weeks - kaikuia (speling?) particularly!
We're only on under an 1/8 acre of rental property in Mt Albert. We're so grateful that the landlord is happy for us to keep a garden as we please and stops in for the occasional vege or flower for home.

The strawberry plants are sending out lots of runners and are thriving. Now it's time to look at the old reliable yates garden guide to see what I should be planting by way of seedlings and what seeds I should be putting in. Even the kids are getting involved adn wanting to own their own garden - but instead they can have specific plants.

I've transplanted the hebe's that were blocking sun from the new garden area - they'll be moved to the chicken run.

I've started hoeing the back vege garden where alot of flowers are also growing. The chooks have been flying over the wire fence to get to the greenery - so they're having their wings clipped tomorrow.
To be honest - I've kind of dreaded doing the back yard - cause the large elm tree in the corner sucks up so much of the water and it's not until all the leaves have dropped that anything gets a lick of sunlight. but I'll keep going with the passionfruit plant that I've been tending - albeit roughly.

The lemon tree is absolutely laden with fruit. I can't wait to start harvesting when they're all ripe! The guava's should be ready about the same time. The cape gooseberries are being eaten by my nana Maggie- who loves them - but that's ok - cause at 86, she still comes over for a feed of apple and rhubarb and a walk around the property.

Most of the tomatoes that were planted are still giving some small measure of fruit too - surprisingly - the chickens have left these alone - cause they're spoiled with end of the day left over lasagne from the cafe at derek's work. Sometimes they eat better than us!

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