Discovering fabulous health benefits!

Journey to the Goodlife: I've noticed some major positive changes to our families health lately, here are a few I just have to share...

Energy Levels are through the roof.

It's simple. We all have a lot more energy now. Barrel loads of it.

My skin.

Honestly it's looking the best it has looked for years! This is so unexpected.  It's more soft, supple and actually has a bit of a glow about it!  Very pleased with this.

My childrens diet.

My daughter just ate a big bowl of steamed vege's from the garden with a bit of butter and pepper added.  She ate the whole bowl and wanted more.  Her affiliation towards vegetables has changed.  She helps grow them and pick them, so she will most certainly not miss out on eating them!

Very little illness.

We all have our bugbearer's, but right now we all feel GREAT.

Why all the improvements?

Here's what I believe are the major contributors..

-All getting stuck in and doing it.  Planting the seeds, feeding the chickens, watering the garden, collecting the produce then preserving it, cooking it, and enjoying eating it!
-Eating mainly organic food, more wholefoods and less meat
-Removing bread from our diet and replacing wheat based products with spelt (spelt crackers, spelt flour, spelt pasta)
-Flaxseed Oil and Fruit Fibre.  We sprinkle it on our breakfast cereal.
-Eating very little or no processed foods.

Brilliant brilliant brilliant!

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