Spent the day in the garden again. It was freeezing at 9am, but so warm by lunchtime I was out in a T-shirt. The veggie patch is looking great! Of the four raised beds, 3 have been topped up with compost etc either in autumn or over the winter, but the 4th has never been topped up and has got really low. I moved the young cauliflower and broccoli plants out of it into the spaces left by the ones we've harvested. There are still leeks and last year's spinach left in the bed, but we're slowly eating through the leeks and the new spinach plants are growing quickly, so soon we'll have this bed cleared ready to fill with compost and get spring veggies underway.

State of the beds now:
Bed1 - peas and mange tout coming up; celery still going strong from last summer; a few lettuces from autumn sowing; carrots being harvested now; spring onions ready to harvest; parsley; delicious rocket
Bed 2 - broad beans about 20cm high; beetroot coming up, plus more seeds in; carrot seeds coming up; pak choi and lettuce seedbed; young spinach and silverbeet plants
Bed 3 - leeks being harvested; last year's spinach trying to go to seed
Bed 4 - broccoli and caulis being harvested, plus some younger plants to be harvested in spring; radishes, parsley

There's also more broad beans, broccoli, carrots and spring onions in another bed, but this is an old patch by the lawn and hasn't been treated to all the deep compost and pea straw that the raised beds get - noticeable difference in size between these broad beans and the ones which went into the raised bed at the same time.

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