East coast beaches awesome for sea weed!

We drove over to the east coast on the north shore, as its just as easy to get there as it is to the west coast beaches, we stopped off at murrays bay and the whole beach was covered in sea weed, next time i will take my trailer and load it high, while we were there an elderly couple were there getting a trailer load for there garden, we had bought a roll of bin bags with us in case we saw some, but we ended up taking four bags home with us, i pilled it up on top of the compost heap, and within a day the heap had dropped a good five inches into the bin, it really breaks down fast so next time we go we are going to get a whole heap of sea weed, to enrich our soil i think i might dig it in like a green manure.
Hopefully after a huge storm like this there will be heaps left on the beach cant wait to get stuck in.

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