well - we don't just eat vege's - we're econivores, so that includes meat too.
I've just plucked and cooked wild duck. It was all ok until I had to take out the intestines -ooohhhh!!!

Tomorrow I'm giving braun a try. If the family don't like it then my nana says she will eat it.
I'm getting an organic pigs head for $2 so its cheap eating with a victorian recipe.
I'm also picking up beef bones and chicken carcases that they would normally throw away for making stock.
I have an offer of some frozen snapper that a friends father in law has in abundance.
This week all it has cost me to eat is the flour that I had to buy to make the sourdough.
So I guess I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself. Now I just have to get the family to eat it all!!

The garden is a little overgrown with weeds since the rain has been here and I've been too much of a wuss to risk getting sick from being wet all the time. So I really need to address that and put the soil to bed, so to speak, and start planting for winter.

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