I've spent some time relieving the large tomato plants of some of their leaves, partially so that the goodness in the soil can go into the fruit, partly because it was difficult to walk the path for the jungle! The bolted celery is nearly all picked, and same with the celeriac, so I'll soon have another 5 squares to plant into YAY! I said I wasn't going to grow brassicas, but this week I planted 4 broccoli seedlings...I'll see how it goes. There's little weeding to do in my almost self-care garden...I'm loving it! No dig, rare weeding, easy reach...I WANT ANOTHER ONE! lol Three unhealthy shrubs have been removed or cut down for removal in another garden bed, which will give me a lot more room for vegetables, fruits and herbs. This week I purchased a current bush...it has all 3 currants on the one plant...red, black, white...grafted, obviously, and I am still deciding just where to plant it. I need to prepare the bed I have removed the shrubs from, ready for the blackberry vine to go in. Meanwhile...the square foot garden is looking great...

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Comment by Kali on November 28, 2009 at 7:11pm
nice one Lynn, so orderly, I love a splash of red in the garden
Comment by cushie on November 28, 2009 at 3:10pm
Hi, your growing system looks fantastic please tell how you set it up/ how it works.


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