Hubby has been looking after the garden for the last couple of days and doing rather well. I must remind him to water the strawberries otherwise we will lose them.

Gerkhins, cabbage and tomatoes that I planted out the other day are looking good.

I harvested 6 beans from one plant today and 3 from another. A few more snap peas are ready and I got a good harvest of lettuce leaves today, enought to feed 3 adults.

The cherry tomatoes are not looking so good since I sprayed them. A lot of the leaves are rapdily turning yellow and dieing. After checking around the soil, it is quite dry still inspite of filling up the litre bottle at least 3 times this morning.

I have something growing by the gerkhins and I keep changing my mind on what I think it is. I was hoping it was another corgette down I think its either pumpkin or watermelon. These seedlings popped up in the compost. It will be interesting to see what they are. The corgettes are looking good and the yellow one is close to being harvested for the first time. Carrots and silverbeet doing well and I really should sow another row of each. The Peppers have really grown.

I will be watering with some of the bosahi liquid tonight for the first time and it will be interesting to see how that goes.

I took advantage of the overcast afternoon and planted out Lemon Bergmont, under the clothesline and in the herb pot. Replanted some herbs into bigger pots, cut off the off shoot from the coffee bush and planted that, fingers crossed it will grow. Planted the sugar plants into a bigger container and planted the 2 left over peppers and chillis into a container bag, just in case we move.

Will plant out tonight the vegetable luffra by the garage.

slowly but surely everything is growing. Come on Christmas dinner grow well.

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Comment by Hester on December 14, 2009 at 6:31pm
After you get the soil around your tomatoes thoroughly wet try some compost around them as a mulch. Seems like the soil may need more organic matter to help improve its water holding properties. Comfrey leaves would be very good too as they break down very quickly and are excellent food for tomatoes.Someone may have a large supply of them they can spare. If you plant a later crop of tomatoes try forking plenty of compost quite deeply into the soil first.

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