Glorious excess of rain and dreams of spring.....

The last 36-48hours has seen torrential rain falling down all over the East Coast and Hawkes Bay....everything is well soggy and the underground water levels are rather high, so much that tanks are starting to overflow and things arent looking too good at ground level.

One thing I really need to make a priority on my wish list is a couple of big barrels that I can plug a tap in to the bottom for my rain water. We currently have a spout that is not attached to a down pipe, and the flood on the ground outside the bathroom is huge! Ive had all sorts of containers out there, namely chily bins and at the rate the rain is falling today they are getting filled up within 10minutes!! so much water going to waste. If I had my big water bins I could be pouring it all into their and then using that water when we get the long periods of dryness, and also for my pot plants.

One nice thing about all this wet wintery weather is taking the time to dream of all the spring and summer pickings I would like to have this year. I am getting very excited about the glorious garden I plan to have this next of the most anticipated crops I would like to grow is Gourds or Hue. Not only are they used in many ways for decorative purposes, or storage containers...Im told they are also a very beautiful plant, and one we should all give a go at trying just for the novelty factor alone!

By Sept I will have experienced all four seasons as a new gardener and every single one has bought me delight and pleasure in watching nature transform in front of my eyes......the different plants going through their various life cycles...the different bug life in its various stages, some plants sticking around much longer than they should, others waiting in the wings to impress me with their (hopefully) abundant spring and summer flowers...its a neverending show and the delight and accomplishment is far superior to any other hobby I have ever taken up.

Cheers to a blighty winter and lets embrace this beautiful time of the year, dreaming up the delights of gardens to come.

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Comment by Jools on July 13, 2010 at 10:57am
Hear hear Bridge x I've got cabin fever too wit all this rain. :)

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