I'm trying to recycle greywater from my house in Auckland and have a good idea of what I want from what i've been taught and research I have done.  Does anyone know of a plumber that has experience in greywater systems or does anyone have experience/working examples of a system?  I don't need help on the whole system, just the first proper plumbing bit from the three way valves to the initial garden outlet and then i will take it from there.

What I am planning is:

I'd like to pipe from the bathroom shower, basin and washing machine directly to the garden, using a branched drain system - no storage tank, no filter, just pipes big enough to let the water go through - gravity fed directly to several trees in mulch pits (say 7).  Pipe approx 5 cm below the ground surface, with valve boxes around each outlet.  I would also want an accessible, inconspicuous and nice looking three way valve at each point (washing machine, and maybe in bathroom), to enable easy switch back to the sewer system (without having to go under the house!).  This may be difficult I spose as the pipes will be under the house.

A couple of problems - 1. not sure what is legal...waiting on an answer from watercare,  2. can't find a plumber so far that will do it.  I don't think they like or agree with my plan.  But this is best practice overseas and is what I learnt in my permaculture design course.

I haven't found many examples here, but does anyone know of any or have any experience with this?



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