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Kia ora all.

Ooooby, what a great concept!! It really helps to have like minded people passionate and willing to pass on knowledge time and effort. Many times I have come on and been reassured and encouraged!


Have been chatting to Pete today wanting to expand a concept I came up with last June 2010 called 'Hand over a Hundy'.


Hand over a Hundy is a program which allocates $100 worth of garden store credits to a family or household and then supports them to invest that money into food gardening, with the goal to save more than $100 in food bills.


This project is dear to me for many reasons heres a few.  I have worked with solo families for the past 6 years, they are often the ones who shoestring budgets get stretched the most. I had noticed among many things the lack of gardens in these homes and actually in general many young families homes.


Knowing from my own experience that I could keep prices down at the supermarket and feed alot for next to nothing out of the garden I knew it was a skill to share. GST was going up, petrol was up, basics were up infact nothing had gone down and from what I was hearing and seeing struggles were coming to even those who thought they would be uneffected.


So how do you bridge the gaps: money to start up, volunteers/mentors to help guide, willing families to participate, an easy and simple way to communicate and stay in touch so we dont have to make loads of visits.?!

Find out more at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hand-over-a-Hundy


Check us out and see what we have been doing for the last year and about to emark on again this year!


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