This morning took five plastic shopping bags to the Sallies full of lettuce, pak choi, kale and silver beet.
It now gives me room to plant those purple carrots - and other varieties I will fertilize with Bioboost slowrelease pellets (organic from Farmlands), water thoroughly and place wet newspaper, two sheets thick over the area and tip a bag or two of compost over the top. I find that using the bagged compsot prevents any weeds at all. It's a curse to weed carrots and pull half of them up. Then I will place some polystyrene lids from containers over the seeded area and weight down. When the seedlings emerge, the lids will be removed and they will be covered with climate (change,hah) cloth and pinned down against the carrot fly and cats. We are still eating the little carrots that formed from seeds I planted last February so these will be a bit bigger for next spring/summer.
Well, instead of sitting here...I better go and do it!

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