I was out in the garden this morning, something I do way too little of, and it struck me how my mind was able to relax into curiosities and observations of the nature occurring at my fingertips.  From noticing the intricate web of weed roots to the bold beauty of a springtime flower in full bloom.  My inner commentary turned its attention to the granularity of the soil and the wonderings of how to help it along.  So much more peaceful than contemplating things such as the household budget or the latest media buzz.

Then it occurred to me, that being in the garden Plot restores sanity. It brings the mind back to reality where the laws of the universe apply so perfectly.

So therefore, if being in the Plot means enhanced sanity then being out of the Plot must mean diminished sanity.  So then does to lose the Plot altogether mean utter insanity?

I wonder if that is where the saying came from?

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Comment by WIC Garden Project on October 13, 2012 at 11:27am

Good question!

One of the recommendations for Mental Health Awareness Week this week is to take notice/be in the moment - remember the simple things that bring you joy, eg connect with nature, literally to take time to smell the roses!  Actually, all of their recommendations for good mental health fits well with gardening activity, particularly in community gardens: connect, give, keep learning, be active.

There is an increasing body of scientific research that shows that being out in nature is good for both mind and body, a.k.a. 'ecotherapy'. 

If you're interested in learning more I recommend the book Your Brain on Nature: the science of nature's influence on your health, happiness and vitality by Eva M Selhub and Alan C Logan, or read the interview with Logan on the David Suzuki Foundation site.

Enjoyed your column.

Comment by Suburban Micro Food Forest on October 9, 2012 at 10:06am
This is a secret lost to dwellers of cities and cyberspace. This morning I watched the bees foraging in yellow mustard blossom. I wondered where their hive is located. They were here long before us and will be here long after.

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