I know it may sound stupid but I was getting rather disappointed with the potatoes. I followed instructions and buried potatoes in an old tyre, moulding up the soil and adding another tyre when it was needed. A couple of weeks ago the potatoes plants started to die off, they hadn't flowered and I didn't think I was going to get anything. So this afternoon I thought I would take off the tyres and have a look, at least I would be able to put the soil and tyres to use again. I have used up all my extra soil and could do with more. Well I found Potatoes Yeee Haaa. I have harvested 4 and hopfully haven't dislodged too many. I was expecting potatoes up in the second and thrid tyre, I wonder what went wrong there, oh well.

So I had a really golod harvest today the last of the winter cauliflower and almost the last of the broccoli, the first 3 beans of the season and the potatoes, so all in all a good harvest. My potatoes will certainly be on the Christmas menu at my house. Hopefully along with the sugar snap peas, tomatoes and of course lettuce.

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