Currently I am trying to balance looking after the garden, working and packing, its not going that well, but never mind we will get there in the end.

The water system that we thought up isn't working that well and there are ares of the garden that needs hand watering. We will need to relook at that problem next summer, but then again it may not be a problem.

I preserved 1 bottle of gherkins last night, too many to eat as cucumbers and only enough for a small jar, as long as the cold weather stays away, I should have a few more ready for bottling in about 3 days. I am about to preserve a small bottle of cherry tomatoes. Since Christmas I have made apricot, cherry, bosyenberry and plumpricot jam and that as been packed in boxes ready for Dunedin.

The hybrid and roma tomatoes are doing well and the hybrids are fruiting, so used to see cherry tomoatoes that these one look hugh. I picked a cabbage about a week ago and thought I would leave the plant and leaves in the ground for the white butterflies to eat that instead of my other cabbages and I noticed this morning that I have 3 little cabbages forming. I ddin't think that cabbages sprouted that way.

Some of my strawberries are dieing or are they dieing off, not too sure, they have been watered regularly, the ones in the basket and pot are still going strong and looking good.

Can't wait for the courgettes to really come on, I am wanting to try my hand at yellow courgette jam. Picked the first 4 blueberries from our bush yesterday, wonderful to eat. I am hoping that I can dig up the raspberry and take it with us to Dunedin.

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