My poor garden is looking rather neglected. It has been so long since I have been able to get in the garden. I really need to get a support fence up for the broad beans as some of them are now flat on the ground. Brussels sprouts need to go into the outside garden, they are still in their little pots. The vegetables in the glasshouse are growing well and the sugar snap peas are flowering, so it will be interesting to see when they produce peas.

Anyway exams will be over in 10 days and then I will be able to get into the garden. Even with the neglect it has been producing some vegetables. Broccili is coming along well. I don't think the silverbeet is keen on being sandwiched between celery and broccili. I have started picking celery for soup, which we are having plenty of down here in the south. I am waiting for more beetroot so I can have roasted beetroot for mid winter's christmas.

My daughter and partner are coming down from Christchurch after exams for a mid winter's christmas, so I am hoping that there has been some growth in the garden so we can have everything fresh for dinner.

My partner preserved some tamarillo chutney for me a couple of weeks ago, we were sent some tamarillo's from Hawkes Bay. That was a really great present to receive. I have been buying fejoa's to make some jam and cordial. They just don't grow down here apparently.

Ok that's all for now, my mind is all muddled from the study.

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