The broccoli was doing well in the glasshouse until a caterpillar and his family came upon it. The poor plant has nearly been stripped, but I have killed them and a few others from the outside garden. This is the first autumn I have had a garden, so I need to be aware of what to be on the look out for. Obviously neem spray doesn't affect caterpillers.

I think its time to pull the tomato plants out, they really aren't doing much and it will give me some room. I have 3 cauli plants in the glasshouse and some snap peas. Need to find room in the outside garden for brussell sprouts, beetroot, celery and more cabbage. Also find out how to harden off the seedlings that are in the glasshouse for outside planting.

Have another row of carrots planted out last weekend.

Oh yes I have pumpkin seedlings growing in the garden, have no idea how they got there. What a pity they will not last through the winter. I will leave them there and see what happens.

Went out and brought a couple of blueberry and cranberry bushes. These are going into pots so when we move they will come too.

Want to get some plastic bottles and fill them with water to put in the glasshouse. Apparently they are good for retaining heat, if nothing else it is worth ago

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Comment by Megan on May 9, 2010 at 10:04pm
looking forward to seeing photos of the new garden and glasshouse!

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