thanks pete. great idea and site!

a few years ago, i heard Ralph Nader of the American greens speaking in Seattle saying local food production and distribution was a national security issue. i remember at the time thinking 'my, what an exaggeration!'

but then after giving it some thought i realized that indeed he was right. our supermarkets have about 3-5 days food on hand! that ain't much if we experienced a big earth shake or something that cut supply lines. and we all know what happens to people when they get REAL hungry! we tend to think we'll die or something without food in our bellies and tend to get a bit desperate.

the answer i then realized, to stem this potential and perhaps pending wave of desperation was to fill the back gardens up with our kai, like we used to do for a fine and large food source right here at home and at the same time encourage our farmers to more orient their practices toward the local market.

in my area the upper Mata Ao (Clutha), our farmers are so focused on export its a bit absurd. food and fiber produced is exported and food and fiber consumed by the community is imported! how wasteful. and they loose a lot of money dealing with the middle people through supply chains of their food and fiber.

looking after ourselves and our community in this way, is in that regard our responsibility towards our ancestors who are now being born into our lives as our children to assure them that we are indeed paving the good and safe way for them to emerge into this beautiful world.

i have gained a lot of inspiration from traditional china in the last few years. they are beautiful gardeners who produce a lot more food than they are given credit. the traditional chinese say that it took them 1500 years way back when to develop a sustainable life style and although with the cultural revolution and then the industrialization of china they have lost a lot of their traditional values, although they do still remain in china in smaller pockets, unfortunately getting smaller.

with us lot taking responsibility for our food production, we are re-instating some of the cultural intelligence we seem to have had lost one or 2 generations ago. its a bigger and greater thing than we realize. keep up the great work everyone xx

then there is the health issue and how damned healthy all this great eating is... it really helps to fire my high spirits :-)


greg inwood

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Comment by Pete Russell on October 14, 2009 at 10:14pm
Thanks for your thoughts Greg. It is uplifting to hear. Keep spreading the word to go local.

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