Since it is lovely and overcast today I thought it would be a good time to plant a few more seedlings into the garden. So more beetroot, silverbeet, tomatoes, tansy, marigolds have been added. I then looked at my borage which I planted from seedling a while back, well it is bigger than the poor bean seedling next to it. I now find out that it grows quite big and I probably should have planted it in a section on its own. so now I am wondering whether to move it and fingers crossed it doesn't die on me or leave it where it is and hopefully the bean plant will grow alot bigger, it is still a baby plant, the bean that is.

To my disgust I found aphids on my tomatoes this morning, so I need to go through my notes to see what I can spray organically on the tomatoes to get rid of the aphid. The main reason I am trying to stay organic is more to save money buying all the different types of sprays that are needed with of course the added benefit that it is better for you.

I wasn't happy watch the segment on Campbell Live last night about the fact that we are importing pork into the country. Actually to my mind we shouldn't be importing any food at all, since we are lucky enough to be able to grow most things in New Zealand. It makes me more determined to buy a bit of land, build a nice straw house, go off the grid and raise our own animals for food and of course the wanted milking cow and bees. Thankfully my husband is of the same mind. So now we just need to save the money to do it all.

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Comment by Hester on December 1, 2009 at 3:42pm
I planted my beans ( about 8 plants) a while back, and then, all around them, self- seeded Borage plants popped up. My beans have a plastic 'curtain' around them so they grew pretty fast, protected from the cold. I didn't weed out the Borage, simply because I didn't get around to it. Interestingly, what i've noticed is that the beans outgrew the Borage and and completely covered it. I'm not even sure whether the Borage will survive under the beans.
Soapy -water spray will deal to your aphids. If you use Neem soap it's even better. Grate about a tablespoon of soap, dissolve in boiling water, put in a spray bottle. ( I use re-cycled cleanner spray bottles, well washed out) Top up the bottle with more water. Cool and use to spray the aphids. You need to thoroughly wet them and repeat as needed. Make sure you check under the leaves too. If you have aphid predators in your garden, they will help also.
Love your goals for the future-I'd like to do the same if I was 20 years younger.

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