Came back from S.I. after 9 days to find teeny caterpillars. Hope they make it. Found my lovely tall corn all over the place with the wind. Oh, dear! The Ellerslie Flower Show only had one "Wow" for me - the English garden. Much better last year, I thought.

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Comment by Kali on March 17, 2010 at 4:09pm
ahhh robyn,don't you hate that! I have tied my kaaanga maa corn up well, lots of diagonal strings through the group as well as around the outside this time, so as yet they are still standing, I'm learning from experience!
I heard they had a fungi garden at ellerslie, did you see that? my son would have loved to see it, he likes to photograph every fungi he comes across.

BTW. the koanga zinnias are really lovely and bright, the flowers last ages too.

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