Work has finally started on our vege patch at Stanley Road.

We moved here over Easter weekend, then went to visit the folks in ChCh for a week, so up until now have not had the chance to do anything. There are still boxes in various corners of the house and garage that need to be unpacked, but with looming assignments and thoughts about the garden project here, I’m sure they can wait another few weeks.

Within an hour of our return to Gizzy on Wed, all three of us were in the ‘soon to be garden’, pulling weeds and digging. After an hour and a half we had set out where our paths would go and started work building the edges to our slightly raised beds using the big wooden posts around the back of the garage.

At the moment there are two beds running parallel to each other, both 1m wide for easy reaching. Having the garden this width also means you can stand with legs on either side fairly comfortably while weeding or planting.

Because of my vege garden at school, theres no immediate urge to get food in the ground here, so I thought it best to prepare this garden for the summer crops and really work on improving the soil.

After single digging the whole patch, I dug in the compost made with Dad over xmas time then gave the whole garden a good water.

It’s quite sandy where we are now, right by the beach so I’ve sowed masses of blue lupins and mustard seed to improve the soil. I also sowed a whole packet of broad beans along the back where the last tenants have put up permanent wire fenced gates so looking forward to trying them out. I’ve not been much of a fan of them till now, but apparently they taste good mashed with spuds so we shall see how that goes! After sowing I watered then covered the whole patch with strips of pea straw to keep those hungry birdies out.

Next on the list is getting the compost made. I’m so excited about it I can hardly contain myself. Who would’ve thought compost could be such a thrill.

The unpacking will definitely have to wait till a rainy day. Oh dear, its just started to spit! : )>.

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Comment by Bridge Scully on May 5, 2010 at 9:49pm
yes i know, never did i think id find compost exciting!! have juust checked the temp again and shes gone down a bit since last week...stil in the active zone though - woo!!
Comment by Mark on May 5, 2010 at 7:37pm
Go Bridget, 'excited' about compost that's amazing. One of the guys at work is growing heaps of garlic and I told him about Ox4BY so he is going to check it out.

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