I love this time of year, getting the garden going again after a winter of brassicas and leeks. :-) Today I tamed the berry beds, tying back the gooseberry and red and white currants against the garage wall in fans. The black currants and cranberries are remaining free-standing bushes. The strawberries needed serious thinning (better late than never!) and I'm hoping my orangeberry will take off this year.

On the weekend I got a couple of buckets of couch grass runners out of the bean bed. It's a battle I know I'll never win, but it has got to have made a significant dent (she says optimistically). Planted some carrots, spring onions and radishes, and noticed the asparagus are up. Protected all of the above from the ravages of a furry feline looking for a loo. Got a fair bit of weeding done too, from which the chickens and bunnies reaped rewards.

We built the new potato beds (we're going for tyre stacks this year) and a bed and wire fence beside them for peas. Planted Massey peas there. Also build two teepees by the lounge window for Goliath snowpeas (King's Seeds), the best variety I've found for being mildew resistant. Potatoes will have to wait awhile - frosts still a happening thing here in Chch. I have a whole heap of self-seeded lettuces, so I transplanted a bunch of them to more convenient places. Re-mulched the chicken run.

Chooks: Realised just how much noise Queenie makes All Day. Rhodie is so quiet in comparison. Wonder if it's a breed thing? We've had pretty much 5 eggs a week each from the chooks over winter, which is I think not bad.

Not for the squeamish: dagged Rhodie again. I don't know what it is about her - she and Queenie both have equally fluffy bums but Rhodie keeps getting dags. Must be angle or something - they are very different shapes. Queenie (a Silver Campine) is a very streamlined bird, built for speed. Rhodie is, well, a feathered brick. (Which is actually how I've seen Rhode Island Reds described in one set of breed specifications...) Who knows, maybe Queenie can just squirt with more force. ;-)

This is a funny time of year. The warm days make me want to get planting but the morning frosts remind me to be cautious. I've got some early potatoes in a tub under the eaves to protect them from frosts, but even so they still got a bit of damage on the weekend. I'm covering them at night with pea straw now to protect them better.

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Comment by Hester on September 7, 2009 at 6:19pm
I loved reading that-thanks.

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