Our first (magnificent!) head of broccoli has gone forth to feed the multitudes... my gardening buddy very proudly took it home to feed his family....

Walking along the street in town today we found a polystyrene box blowing down the footpath..perfect for planting in... so we rescued it ... rather nervously .... expecting someone to come running out demanding their rubbish back...
then managed to score a whole lot of pots from the Sallie army store for 20cents each!...
all in all it's been a great day lol ... well there was ALSO brilliantly warm sunshine...great company... kite flying... bike riding... lots of laughter (not surprisingly connected with my participation in the bike riding) salad from the garden...and promises of a worm farm in the very near future... I'd say that qualifies as a wonderful day :)

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Comment by Robyn Wolfe on November 19, 2009 at 8:41am
Hello! I have learned that polystyrene boxes with lids are the ideal place to grown cuttings and seedlings - with the lid on. It creates a microclimate and the light gets in. Good idea?

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