We are now in week 5 of our weekly CSA deliveries from local company OOOOBY. All three of us look forward to OOOOBY Tuesdays and the cute name probably doesn't hurt.

This week included lemons and potatoes which are on our "do not want" list so we didn't receive them. We don't want potatoes and lemons not because we don't like them, but because we do. Rather than praying for potatoes each week, we buy them in bulk so that there is always a sack to be used. Our lemon tree is giving us delicious, juicy lemons this winter so no need to have those delivered either.

This week our CSA box included:


  • 8 Mushrooms (Conventional Sprays)
  • 1 giant bunch of Spinach (Self Certified Organic)
  • 6 Carrots (Conventional Sprays)
  • 1/2 a head of Cauliflower (Conventional Sprays)
  • 1 Broccoli


  • 7 Newstead Gold Apples (Conventional Sprays)
  • 11 Gold Kiwifruit (Certified Organic)
  • 6 Winter Nelis Pears (Certified Organic)
  • 6 Mandarins

The most interesting thing in the box:

Mushrooms. Not that they are strange, but because this is the first time we've seen mushrooms in our CSA box. Also received a bonus 6 mandarins and a broccoli. Sweet!

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