First, you have to be educated that weeds do bud from cultivated places. Therefore, if you locate your garden to such areas, the possibility of your garden battling with weeds to win the nutrients is very big. It can be prevented though and this is what you are about to learn.

Organic weed killers are just in your home; you just don’t notice them. One of which is the use of mulch. You have to place this on top of the soil. By doing so, it will block the light which is vital in the sprouting of any weed. Added advantage is its flexibility. Mulch such as grass clippings, hay, leaves, shredded bark and comfrey can be easily placed, removed or transfer from one place to another. This method is good enough because materials are very organic.

Next is the vinegar. You read it right; the vinegar that you use at home is able to control weeds for this contains acetic acid which can literally kill the unwanted weeds. Your kitchen vinegar alone already contains 5% of acetic acid. However, you should take note that the way you use it is also important. You should just brush it onto the weeds because directly putting the vinegar may damage the plants. You can also spray it close to the weeds to avoid the plants.

The next option that you have is the soil solarisation method. This is considered as one of the safest and most efficient methods to free your garden from weeds. Just cover the garden soil with a plastic tarpaulin for around 28-42 days. If you do it right, the soil will reach 125 degrees of heat. By then, it can already get rid of root fungi and wilt, wee seeds and root knot nematodes. Most of all, it will allow the nutrients of the soil to come out making it as an effective garden soil.

We can give you a lot more but try these few of the most proven effective organic weed control that we have discussed so you can see the result yourself.

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Comment by MIchelle Matthews on January 19, 2010 at 12:49am
the vinegar trick is a new one on me, thanks! I'll be tryinhit on my allotment paths.

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