Packing and gardening do not go together at all. Weeds are piling up and I swear I sprayed weeds 3 weeks ago and they have all flourished, so we are looking very untidy. The move is not going well which is stressing us out. Packing what packing.

On the garden front it is going great guns though I feel guilty as I haven't really done anything in the vegetable garden for weeks now apart from watering. The sweetcorn is ready now so it will be sweetcorn for dinner tonight. I saw a baby chilli on one of the chilli plants it would be nice to take some with us but we will see. The blueberries are doing well. I am picking the italian green beans for eating now instead of the orginal plan of using the seeds during the winter in soups, stews and what have you. I am getting into the habit of using Stevia in my coffee and should have used it in the rubarb juice that I made yesterday. I am hoping for some more rubarb soon.

There are so many weeds in the vegetable garden. Now its time to get back to finding a house and packing up.

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Comment by Kali on January 25, 2010 at 4:40pm
I certainly don't envy you Yvonne! Will you be returning to your property eventually or is it byebye for good?
My husband always says you should be where you are like you will be there forever but be able to walk away at any time, and the best thing you can do for a place is to improve the soil. But with a family it is hard to up-sticks so thankfully (?) I haven't been put to that test for 15 years now.

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