I am itching to get the rest of my seedlings in the garden, but since I am out the next two nights . Don't want to plant when its still hot. So I will need to wait. I might see what part of the garden is in the shade and see. Went out to the wood pile last night to pick out more stakes for the tomatoes that need to go in.

I fed the tomatoes and courgettes with (I hang my head in shame) tomato feed, liquid stuff. I am still waiting on my comfrey tea to finish its thing. Currently looking at the pro's and con's of a worm farm or the Bokashi compost. I am told to do one thing at a time. ha ha ha. Keep seeing this little grasshopper (for want of a better word) but he is black. He is hanging around my tomatoes, not too sure if that is a good thing or not. I will need to go and do some reading on that.

I have notice that one of my snap pea plants has flowered and now decided to die, not sure why and not happy about it. The others around it are fine. I keep looking at the garden to see what's coming on, I really really need enough fresh veges from the garden to feed 9 on Christmas Eve. Myabe I need to go out and start singing to the garden I wonder if that will really work. It might upset the neighbours some though :) actually I don't think I am that bad.

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