Its been a great year so far, but work has dominated my days so I've been trying to get out in the garden everyday when I get home. Oh to be off work everyday, and a fulltime gardener : ).

Tis another windy day here today in Gizzy and Im looking anxiously at my upside tomatos hoping they dont snap off! They seem to be doing very well otherwise, most of the leafs have turned up and theres a few flowers about. Its great, all my neighbours keep looking over the fence, and are keen to try it themselves but not till they have seen how mine go he he.

Ive also just discovered that the funny looking "aphids" I've been pulling off my tomato plants are in fact psyllids which is a bit of a bummer. Currently looking for organic ways to rid them off my plant... and currently pulling them all off/cutting infected leaves and burning them.
Is interesting to read that that this little vermit has only just found its way to our shores in the last few years, and how much damage it does. The things we dont know when we are just normal average, ungardening joe's walking around unaware of the grief these things cause to food growers. If anyone has any hints or tips on how to deal with these the organic way that would be much appreciated. My partner keeps telling me to spray my plants with "proper" insecticide but to be honest I prefer to not go down that road.

On the positive side, everything else in my garden is growing really well. The nastrithuims and marigolds are taking off, and my sweetcorn is going mad. I'm already starting to get excited and plan where im going to plant everything next season, and will defo be planting loads more corn! yum yum. My cammomile is sprouting up as is the 2nd crop of spring onions and Russian Giant Sunflowers. The sunflowers only took 5days to germinate!

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Comment by Bridge Scully on January 8, 2010 at 11:33am
Thats ok Earl, Thank you for the offer. Im hoping that someone might have one around here, fingers crossed!
Comment by Earl Mardle on January 8, 2010 at 11:21am
Hi Bridge. Wormwood will be difficult, we got ours as a seedling from Koanga gardens I think. I have a couple of clones from our original one but I'm not sure they will survive yet. Pity Gizzi is so far away, I could let you have one if they stick around.

Neam Oil I got from my local garden centre. Great stuff.

I was actually looking forward to having some slugs and snails, I even made sure we had plenty of daytime hiding places for them so i could feed them to the chooks. best laid plans etc.
Comment by Bridge Scully on January 8, 2010 at 10:56am
Thanks for that Earl. Will have to source some wormwood and neem oil!
Its funny I think you might be right about the dry weather, weve not had any "real" rain at all and ive had no problem with slugs or snails either though I have hurled the odd one towards the road. : )>.
Comment by Earl Mardle on January 7, 2010 at 12:24pm
We have been using a sray every second day made up of skim milk (for the mildew), wormwood (home grown to repel anything that thinks it might like a bite or a suck and neem oil ( for the bugs who just don't care what they eat.

so far, apart from a little fungal attack or two (cut and burned and resprayed) we seem to be holding off the bugs. Actually, we have noticed that many of the critters we expect are in short supply. Almost no slugs or snails this year for the chooks (we think the dry spring might have put paid to them, along with the thrushes who camp out here) and even cabbage moth has been a bit scarce with almost no predation. And especially none after the wormwood spray.

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