YAY! The garden has had a very deep soaking for the past 4 or 5 days, and is thriving well. Now that the rain has stopped, though, it's nice to be able to do some work on the garden itself. I have removed the spent sugar snap pea vines, spinach and broad leafed cress which bolted. I picked some veges for myself and for M.E., and that's left some gaps in the garden too. I've trowelled those squares over and will top up with compost and replant during the week. The yellow beans (black seeds) are doing well at the moment and I should be able to pick some in a week or so. The green dwarf beans are on the move too, as are the second round of broad beans, now showing their heads well above the soil. I despair about my beetroot though...it just doesn't seem to want to grow. And the broad beans I have been picking...well they have a little browning on the bean seeds inside the pods. They still taste great and not sure if I should be eating them like that, but hey...still good food in my eyes! lol I just can't help wondering what has made them like that though. The cucumbers are slow...we need warmer weather? But the zucchinis are doing fine. As are the radicchio...looking healthy and growing fast. In fact, now we've had so much rain and it is warming up again, everything's gonna fly, betcha!

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