The weather has been so hot and muggy here the last few days, but it’s so nice to be outside in the garden come evening time when it cools down a bit.
After a weekend away it was awesome to come back to my garden and see all the new growth. I’m told it rained quite a bit here on the weekend which is great, as it really is so dry up here, especially with the wind. Naturally my garden flourished in the wet weather, and it was cool to see that my scaloppini’s have turned giant! Roasted them up in the oven then stuffed them full of delicious delights, so so good!
I really would like to have more things growing in my garden, however it is quite a small space and needs a bit of careful planning to make sure I have room for all the things I would like to grow…I’m still new to learning about crop rotation and things like that aswell, so also need to do a bit of studying up on that!
If anyone has any ideas/useful tips for planting out in small areas, or what fits in well with what, that would be mucho appreciated : )>.
We just went for a drive out to Tatapouri Bay and picked up a bag of seaweed so I’m going to have a go at making a brew, as well as putting some in with my compost.
Still loving all the learning and experiences I’m having with growing my own food and stoked to have so much inspiration and helpful advice here on ooooby.
Happy Gardening Ooooby Nation!

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