The recent earthquake in Christchurch has got us thinking, how would we cope and the answer was not very well, especially without power. which has got us thinking about converting to solar power. On looking on the Internet there are plenty of articles, but very few places that stock the items you need to get started. While we have every intention of going completely solar powered that day is still a long way off.

So for those of you who read my ramblings, thank you and if you know of places that sell bits and pieces I would love to hear from you. The idea is to convert some appliances over to solar and over time add others things, right now it is a cost and not living in your own home issue.

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Comment by Melanie Banton on September 10, 2010 at 10:19pm
Have a look here: They'll even design and install a system if you require (no connection with this outfit).

Be aware that you can't really convert appliances to solar - you need panels, a charge controller, a large battery-bank and a high quality pure sinewave inverter. This is not a cheap option and if you're worried about power-outages, maybe a generator to run the essentials would be better for you at this time. Buy the best you can afford and avoid cheap Chinese ones like the plague.

Meanwhile, you can think about converting your refrigeration to gas (LPG or town), change your lights to LED or compact fluoro and consider how you'd like to cook food without electricity. We use LPG for oven and hob, also for water-heating, which costs us about $6 a week. Start being very power-conscious and learn to be frugal; this way you should not only save power and money, but will also be nicely 'toned and trim' for when you are able to eventually convert to alternative power.

Good luck with your project :-)

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