Sometimes, and most particularly the day after nights like last night, sitting up and talking - a lot - until 5.30 am, you just have to have a pie.

I just did.

A potato top. From the award winning Elite bakery. So they say.

And you know what, like pretty much all pies in New Zealand, it was ordinary at best. Bland.

It made me remember the Montville pie: the greatest pie of all time. And it has been far too long between meals.

If you ever get the chance, Montville is a charming little village in the hills west of the north coast; turn left somewhere between Brisbane and Noosa. Drive for about 45 minutes and there it is - The Montville Pie Shop.

Many varieties, all good. Very good. But the Montville curry pie is in a league of its own; it is the greatest pie in all of the world.

There is the spicy nature of the mix and something very special about the light pastry that surrounds it. A perfect balance if you will; a secret recipe that almost qualifies as an addictive blend.

Yes, if I were to end up on death row and they asked what I wanted for my final meal, hands down, no debate, I would request a Montville pie.

For the Montville Pie is the greatest pie.

The greatest pie in all of the world.

It is exceptional.

Australia 1, NZ 0. Sadly.

Chur, PH.

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