I took advantage of the sunny weather on Wednesday to start on the Spring seeds. so now I have all these containers scattered around the lounge waiting for the seeds to germinate, not as much room as I had in the old house.

So I have planted peppers, chilli, courgettes, tomatoes, I know I have some heirloom seeds somewhere, but can I find them? NO. beetroot, lemon bergamot, echinacea, gerkhins, Tansy, marigolds, nastrituims, basil a few weeks ago.

In the glasshouse has gone meslun mix and some lettuce. I have seed potatoes sitting in the sun and will plant the first of four containers over the weekend.

I have picked the first cauliflower and some broccoli snap peas and still slow in coming as are the broad beans. carrots are nearly ready to pick.

I am going to try to grow sweetcorn those year, my neighbours says it will grow ok here, so fingers crossed, certainly don't have the room I did last year.

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Comment by Megan on September 3, 2010 at 6:16pm
hello Yvonne, am in the midst of packing up and torn between sowing seeds now or waiting til the end of the month when we move.... Found some potatoes I'd been given by Robyn and they've already got shoots on them, they'll need to be planted pronto. You are so organised, well done having already started... snowing as I type so everything will be staying indoors for a few weeks.

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