I had a panel of plaster board come off the garage, we had stuck it over a hole and we had it stuck down with no nails, the wind must have got in underneath and popped it off and now my broccoli plants are a bit flat looking, i have firmed them around the base of the plants, but have resorted to sticking five canes in to keep them upright, anyone who is contemplating doing a similar job should know that nails are an easier option, and are stronger than glue we did have to seal the top with silicon to make it water tight though .
I have started to sow my broad beans for winter and have just sown a whole load of snow peas in a seed tray, i have repeatedly tried to grow cauliflower for about three times now, and have had a no shows so have ODeed on cauliflower seed, because i suspect that the seed is dud i think it is too old, i was given it by my father in law, if it grows it grows if it doesnt i still have time before winter sets in to get some more seed growing.
The last few were devoured by snails so have moved my trays from off soil level onto the deck to give them more protection.
I have also sown some peach stones and am trying to grow a black boy peach from seed i have never grown a peach from seed before so will be interesting to see if it works!
The sea weed is looking good, the big bull kelp is starting to break down really fast, the black sea weed with the black popping pods on it is still dry looking in the barrel,perhaps it was on the beach too long and has dried out too much perhaps a lesson to try and get fresh weed.

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