sunday vegetable swapping and peach tree planting

We had a quiet day and were taking it easy after church and i received a call from k mac about swapping vegetables i had intended courgettes but my wife Mandy gave a few to our friends yesterday so we made up a little basket of goodies from our vege patch there were carrots beetroot courgettes broccoli and tomatoes and we gave some bunches of grapes from off of our grape vine. We swapped for a whole bucket of peaches and a heritage peach tree i cant remember the name she even gave me some passion fruit an awesome swap, my wife was particularly taken with the tree and we planted it out down the side of our house next to the water barrels so we will remember to water it when we are down there we staked the tree and tied it up with an old pair of tights we chopped back the main leaders of the tree to force it to make a good root formation first and then we mulched the tree with wood chip from the trees that were taken down from under power lines, the checky power company dumped the branches in the garden and we had to cut and sort the branches and feed the lot into a huge chipper a few months back.
i started to move the mulch we had put under an old deck to keep the weeds down turns out the deck was not structurally sound and did not have foundations it was just bolted into the framing of the house off the center beam of the deck framing and the outer posts floated on blocks of concrete, it was a real mongrel way to do it as willy Jackson would say who on earth builds a deck without foundations its like the foolish man who built his house upon the sand, down with rogue D.I.Y errs, after that i dug the awe full often unnecessary lumps of concrete out of the ground wasn,t too hard as i had the atlas contractor spade to help me, an awesome tool and i moved the blocks to be thrown away and piled them up next to the garage, a good days work in half a day just the way i like to work. .

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