As much as I'M thrilled at the progress of my little garden and must confess am rather over excited at every tiny little jump the carrots are suddenly sprouting... the broccoli is growing bigger every day... strawberries are constantly appearing .. the pea plants are waaay tall.... potato greenery has developed overnight... so many wonderful tiny miracles are happening every day...yet the most wonderful thing of all is that the garden isn't just belongs equally to the wee boy I look after... at 3 years old he has invested as much in this garden as i have... he's worked SO hard digging dirt... spreading compost... planting seedlings... filling pots...weeding...watering every day without once forgetting or losing interest...and his excitement at every development surpasses even mine...

He proudly shows everyone the garden and while watering tells me exactly how he's going to share the produce out to every person he can think of.... he loves to touch every head of broccoli and count them over again.... he gets to pick the ripe strawberries and wash them under the hose as he waters the plants so they don't even make it into the house.... it might only be tiny but it's already given us so much pleasure :)

The 'dirt' part of our garden two weeks ago.

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