Dirt Doctor gardening methods make it possible for people who have little time or space for gardening to grow their own good food. The secret to this is in growing good soil.

We still have a few spots left for the upcoming Dirt Doctor seminar series in Auckland and it's occurred to us that many of you may be wondering, who is the Dirt Doctor and what are these sessions all about?

I tried to keep the story short (and even then, you'll see, it's long!), but hopefully it will give you an idea of what the seminars will be like and inspire you to join us. Especially since we're not sure when we'll next be back!

(ps. We will be guest speaking at next week's Oooobyversity - Thur, May 27, 6:30pm at Grey Lynn Community
Centre - so hope to see you there!)

As a result of years of research and experience conducted by Jim O'Gorman, who runs his own backyard production in North Otago, Dirt Doctor seminars are designed to teach individuals how to make the most
of their own resources.
Jim has practiced biological growing methods on his own horticultural production
unit in Kakanui since 1996 and his certified organic produce is
recognised as being some of the finest in the country. Jim is also a
member of and dedicated garden for the Koanga Institute heritage seed
programme for cool climate crops. The Dirt Doctor workshops
are the product of Jim's research and development of
biological-intensive gardening methods and over the past three years
Jim has lead these in various locations throughout New Zealand. In
2009, Jim featured in the film documentary, "Earth Whisperers -
Papatuanuku" as one of ten visionary New Zealanders out to prove that a
shift in consciousness can help heal the environment.

Based on Jim's system of bio-intensive growing, the Dirt Doctor workshops teach
unique methods of soil-focused gardening to give participants a new
perspective on the benefits of weeds, an appreciation of the good
micro-organisms living within the soil and the practical ability to
bring their own soil to life.

Instead of spending time and
money on quick and instant, but not lasting, remedies and supplements
for your garden, Dirt Doctor teaches you the tried and true secrets for
using what you already have on-site.

When Jim purchased his property in Kakanui, it was covered entirely in Calfornia Thistle. He chose this site for the purpose of testing his techniques in soil remediation. Jim's property is now best known among locals in the region as the place to go for the most reliably delicious produce, many of which are heirloom varieties, and all of which are grown in what is now undoubtedly some of the country's healthiest soil. This was achieved with holistic methods of composting, weeding and the use of microorganism technologies that Jim fine-tuned over his years of experience.

Jim's intention to educate as many others about these methods as he can has brought Dirt Doctor in collaboration with schools, community gardens, government associations, academics and scientists. Soil remediation is a priority that many are realising as one we can no longer ignore and provides a precious opportunity for us to be a part of 'the solution'.

The Dirt Doctor seminars series is focused on applying these methods to the urban setting and the various circumstances in which individuals live and
work in the city. We provide useful information, tips, and techniques
for people with all ranges of gardening experience and are also popular
with coordinators of community gardens, school gardens,
groundskeepers and teachers.

In the past two years, Jim and his son Matt Dadley have been presenting seminar series and workshops all around the country.
With the addition of
the latest members to the team, Jacob Perkins and Hana Miller, Dirt
Doctor will be coming up to Auckland to present the seminar series for
the first time in the region.

May 29,
2-4pm, Urban Composting
Learn how to create a thermal compost that
will effectively turn your food scraps and garden waste into the most
valuable nutrients for your soil. To demonstrate, we will be creating a
compost from scratch during this seminar, so we can also address any
questions that come up in the process.

May 30, 2-4pm, Weed Management
Make the most of your weeds and learn how they can be best used to benefit your garden. Learn when to
weed, how to weed and why weeds are important for a productive garden.

June 2, 5:30-7:30pm, Microbe Brew
Discover the microorganism technologies
in compost tea and mulching. Learn the benefits of a healthy soil food
web and how to create one in your own garden.

Hosted at a garden in Mt Albert, the sessions will be divided between on-site observation, assessment and demonstration, as well as
hands-on experience with specialised tools and techniques. Places are
limited to 10 per session so as to allow participants sufficient time
for questions and discussion. The 2-hour sessions will also include
afternoon tea. You should leave with a whole new perspective
of your garden and the knowledge you need to create rich and productive soil.

**If you are interested in attending either or all of these seminars,
please e-mail jacob@dirtdoctor.co.nz as we will limit each session to
10 participants in order to allow everyone a chance to try tools and
ask questions etc. Payment in advance of $30/seminar will confirm your

Jacob Perkins and Hana Miller
Dirt Doctor


T: 021-766-827
E: jacob@dirtdoctor.co.nz

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