The next amazing chapter! Velo Flora

In September I shall leave the oh so comfortable, unchallenging, stressful office job I have had for the last four years, and throw myself into the glorious, terrifying deep end of self employment.
I am starting a garden consultancy, design and maintenance business. Oh yep, another one of those.
BUT, I am going to attempt to do it all using a cargo bike instead of a ute!

The cargo bike, or Bakfeit, is named Flora. The name of my business is Velo Flora.

My vision is that everyone, even people living in apartments with just a small balcony, should still be able to have the garden of their dreams, whether it be a zen retreat, a symphony of scent and colour, or a productive potager. I am there to help people realise their vision.
I will attempt to use local materials, natural materials, and recycled materials wherever possible, and follow environmental best practice wherever possible.

I am aware what plants can mean for people. In Christchurch, many people are having to leave treasured gardens behind. I can help recover and move some garden treasures, or if that is not possible, propagate from the original material.

I want to be part of bringing Christchurch city back to life. Whether a striking first impression commercial garden at an office entrance, or a shared courtyard made into a space to live between apartments, I want Christchurch to be a vibrant, progressive, bike and pedestrian friendly, lively GARDEN city.

Stay tuned for website and facebook page as they are developed, and look out for me and Flora, pedalling around Christchurch city very soon :)

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Comment by Pete Campbell on June 6, 2013 at 8:49pm

Wow that is a cool idea! Full support from Me!!!!!

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